Most college students underestimate these few pages of document and graduate without one. Don’t be one of them. Be smart and get prepared ahead of time.

How to build a portfolio without previous experience

Students often feel not experienced even in the field of their study just because they have never worked in the real business world. However, to build a portfolio, you do not always need career experience if you are just graduating college. Instead, you can include the activities, events and projects you have been part of while being in college. Well now, not having any of these is not in your favour when you are on a job interview. But if you are a college student it is never too late to get involved in variety of exciting clubs, projects and amazing events. Basically, everything counts as an experience and develops the skills you need for your own portfolio. Starting from basic execution tasks in a project to leadership experience in bigger projects, this is something you can put into a file along with your resume and show future employers.


“Tell me what is different in you from the rest applicants.”

You have probably heard this question before, or if not, you are going to hear it many times on your interviews. Perhaps it is the toughest and most frustrating question that puts you on the spot. In this case, not having a portfolio is where you simply do not have an answer and the chance of not getting the job increases. On the other side, having a portfolio is like having the answer to the toughest interview questions in hand. It could save you and secure a great job in your field.

This is where a portfolio built from college comes handy and valuable.

Why should you build your portfolio while in college?

  1. Tells a story of who you are
  2. It gives you a competitive advantage among other applicants
  3. Prove of achievements, skills and experience
  4. Helps finding a job in your field and the one you desire
  5. Empowers you with confidence

You can explore further the importance of the portfolio here.


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