Canadians are community-oriented people, as 68.4% of them feel a very strong sense of local community belonging, according to a Statistics Canada survey in 2019. The reason behind this is that unions are very supportive of one’s success and personal growth. Moreover, it is a place where people socialize, learn and form a valuable network among each other.

Let the community provide you with the support you need

You can build yourself through reading and watching online tutorials, but the missing piece is the real contact with others who can help you transform your life. Isn’t it so boring learning all by yourself? Building a life is a process and never-ending of a kind, therefore you need support and having some fun along the way. This is something that only your local community can provide you with.

Here are what communities offer:

  • Very diverse environment
  • An easy gain of new skills
  • Building a network
  • Social life
  • Fun and self-satisfaction
  • Personal growth


While being in a diverse environment, you get a better understanding of different cultures and views of the world. Since people come from distinct backgrounds, you don’t need to travel the world to get that experience. As a result, you become more understanding about others and learn to coop with everyone in your work. Employers value that. Also, you gain new skills from being around people who are good at areas you might not be so great at. Through interacting with them, you learn with ease. In general, as a member of community, you have access to a network, which is something extremely difficult to build if you are not a member and in today’s world network plays an important role in business. Furthermore, a community provides you with social life, something that lots of people struggle to have these days due to the digital world. You get the fun from it and self-satisfaction of being part of something big. All that leads to personal growth over time.

On the other side, your support is essential and valuable to the community and all members. Helping in building a community is one way to achieve much more as a union and as individuals.

Get involved today.


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