January 27, 2019

Young Women In Business

Through a collaboration with Girl Guides of Canada, we have designed a day of interactive, hands-on, informative and engaging learning for the girls. The workshops have been structured around the different age groups (Brownies age 7-9, Guides age 9-12, Pathfinders age 13-15, and Rangers age 16-17), with the intention of bringing awareness to the different roles of women in business. The girls, through these workshops, have a chance to design marketing campaigns, learn about personal and business finance and accounting; the importance of Human Resources, be introduced to Occupational Health and Safety, and business communication. This past year, 150 girl guides came to HMC to participate in our YWIB day event. This summer, we are exploring ideas of how to expand our reach and broaden outside of a one-day event. This upcoming year, we are scheduled to enter two more elementary and middle schools to provide workshops for young women and introducing them to the world of business.

-Project Lead: Ming Smith

Email: smithnh@sheridancollege.ca