January 27, 2019

Past Projects

Project LIFE: 

Literacy in Financial Education, is a module and workshop-based program that covers the topics of budgeting, taxation, and credit & debt. Our workshops have been specifically designed for high school students, catering to their need,s spending habits, and goals. We believe that through financial education in our “for students, by students” model, we can build a better financial future together.

This past year, we delivered our budgeting workshop to over 270 high school students.

This summer, we will create two new modules (taxation and credit & debt) and continue working towards our partnership with TD Bank.

This upcoming year, we will be creating a schedule to deliver our workshops as our network of high schools has grown from 2 to 6.

Project Artrepreneur:

Sheridan’s dedicated and ambitious design students spend numerous hours and an abundance of resources in creating pieces of art throughout the year for assignments and these crafts just sit in a storage room at Sheridan. This results in a buildup of inventory that takes up valuable space for students at Sheridan College as well as missed opportunities for students to really showcase their artwork as more than just an assignment. In fact, these art pieces just simply end up being discarded into landfills resulting in issues around proper disposal of potentially harmful chemicals in artworks and increasing overall waste levels in our communities.

We conducted a thorough needs assessment and found that there was another opportunity here – to introduce these students to the world of business and teach them some key business knowledge. Through Project Artrepreneur, we plan to showcase the Sheridan art community to the public while assisting students in branding themselves as artists. Additionally, we are providing the students with an alternative source of income to help build their financial security throughout their post-secondary journey. We will also help free up valuable storage space at Sheridan College and reduce the amount of waste being dumped into landfills. Our plan is to create an online platform where the students can put up their art pieces to be sold to the public. Artrepreneur strives to build a new avenue that enables students to gain exposure to the art industry and help the environment through waste reduction.

Project Ceres:

A potential opportunity that approached Project Ceres was the Good Measure Food Bank. This was the brainchild of Rhema Mateo, a Sheridan Marketing student with a passion for helping the community. Rhema started this foodbank with a passion for helping people in need of food, after realizing that so many people in the community lacked access to basic food. She noticed that many foodbanks collected personal information from recipients, which created a stigma among the needy, and created doubt in getting help from others. She designed Good Measure to ensure that the needy would get access to the basic right of fresh food without having to register, based on a full trust and honor system among the bank and its clients. Good Measure uses volunteers to pick up donations from partners (grocery stores and companies) and sets specific times to let clients pick up their groceries, akin to a grocery store, which reduces operational costs. This organization provides fresh produce, dairy and canned foods, and aims to provide other goods and meats in the future.