January 28, 2019

Core Members

Kavin Nalliappan Ganapathikumar:  PROJECT LEAD-PROJECT SQUARE ROOTS

Kavin got inspired by one of the professors who taught him Corporate Social Responsibility during his post graduate. So, he wanted to improve the environment as well as the living standard of people by doing some sustainable work and he thinks Enactus would be the best place to start.


The reason why Bency joined Enactus is because of sustainability. As a student, she can make a meaningful difference in the community while saving the environment. The business knowledge that she gains in her classroom could be applied in a real working environment where she can enhance her communication skills as well as leadership skills. The cherry on the cake is the network and friends she makes during Enactus meetings.

Irtiza Hasan: Presentation Team Member



Andrea decided to join Enactus because she felt that it was high time she started giving back to the society in which she lived. She feels that her contribution no matter how small, can make a difference by impacting the community and the environment. Learning to be a social worker, she recognizes the importance of networking and the fact that the present generation did not inherit this world from their forefathers but instead they borrowed it from them.